BBQ box


Complete BBQ meal box £20

Including (subject to availability): jacket potatoes, large mushrooms/portobello, sweet corn, aubergines,courgettes, red onions, peppers, beef tomatoes / cherry tomatoes / vine tomatoes

Salad selection – lettuce, cucumber, salad onions

British Strawberries


It’s time for the BBQ!

While you stock up on sausages and burgers we at Mr Emment’s Emporium want to remind you that grilling isn’t just for meat. It’s also an excellent way to squeeze every last ounce of flavor out of your vegetables. So we have designed the ULTIMATE fresh produce box to give you the greatest BBQ ever!

jacket Potatoes – no bbq should be without!

Sweet corn ( king of BBQs)

Portobello mushroom ( great burger substitute )

Aubergines – excellent when roasted or fried, but it takes on a whole new level of charm when you throw it on the grill.

Courgettes – the natural sweetness really comes through after a solid session on the grates. Pro tip: squeeze a little lemon juice on it first and you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting your whole life eating lemonless courgettes.

Red and brown onions – The secret to onions is that they taste incredible no matter how you cook them. Caramelized in a skillet, roasted in the oven, slow-cooked you really can’t go wrong. Grilled onions, however, exist in a category all their own. An integral part to any kebab/skewer situation, on the grill they develop a sweet, mellow flavour, but still retain their raw crunch. It’s the best of both worlds.

Romano long peppers or bell peppers – another spoke on the kebab wheel, peppers are excellent on the grill or you cut them in half and after grilling fill them with garlic and cheese, yum!

Asparagus – this works beautifully on the grill and cooks much faster that other conventional methods. But be careful not to loose them into the pit of the bbq.

Large Beef Tomatoes /Vine Tomatoes / Cherry tomatoes

A seasonal selection of lettuce, a cucumber, salad onions and an avocado to complete the salad selection.

And last but not least British Strawberries, the flavour of these is second to none and will complete your BBQ.


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